As a producer, I need Opencast to remember and display my processing settings


Opencast currently lacks a way to manage per-event processing settings, e.g. producers can use workflow configuration panels to set settings used for processing, but those settings are mainly "lost" in means of the next time a producer starts a workflow for the same event being displayed the same workflow configuration panel, the settings the producer applied before are not there anymore.

While it is possible to make such processing settings persistent using WOH export-wf-properties and WOH import-wf-properties, those WOH rely on an archived Java properties file which does not seem to be the right way for the front-end to deal with such settings.

We concluded that using asset properties seems a more appropriate way to make those settings persistent. Of course, it is still possible of use WOH export-wf-properties in case settings should be archived.




Sven Stauber



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