The recordings/conflicts.json endpoint was prematurely removed in 4x via MH-12082

Steps to reproduce

Steps to reproduce:
1. A 3rd party external scheduling system attempts to schedule to an OCv5x system they way it did to an earlier version via the recordings/conflicts.json endpoint. The OCv5x system returns a 500 "NumberFormatException: For input string: "conflicts.json" error. The recordings/conflicts.jso endpoint from 3x was removed in 4x (and therefore 5x) via MH-12082, New Scheduler Service

2. Search for a replacement endpoint for checking scheduling conflicts in the 4x docs.

3. Grep through the pull that removed the conflicts.json endpoint and see that the conflicts.xml endpoint is mysteriously left intact. But, it's not clear why the xml endpoint remains and the conflicts.json endpoint was removed. It's not clear if external systems should now use the "/admin-ng/event/new/conflicts" endpoint and the json form structure to use is not obvious in the docs.

Actual Results: confusion on which endpoint external scheduling systems should use to check for scheduling conflicts.

Expected Results: Either the conflicts.json endpoint is left on the Scheduler Service endpoint or the conflicts.xml endpoint is removed from the endpoint to make it obvious that the Scheduler Service should not be used to check conflicts in 4x+. More clear notes in the code or docs on what replaces endpoints that are retired (even the "internal" endpoints).

Workaround (if any): Use the new /admin-ng/event/new/conflicts" endpoint?




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