As a user, I need an more obvious way of how to publish content from within the video editor


When a user has opened the video editor, he currently is offered two options:

  • "Save"

  • "Close"

To actually publish the content, the user needs to select a workflow in the drop down menu just next to the "Save" button which then mutates into a "Save & Continue" button.

Feedback from our users indicates that this is not intuitive: Our users don't realise that they need to first select a workflow to make the "Save" button having another function (which is "Publish" then).

This story is about making "Publishing" from within the video editor more intuitive by not having a button whose function depends on another widget (the workflow selection drop down).


There should be three buttons: "Save" (which always saves the current state), "Close" (which always closes the video editor) and "Publish" (which always starts a workflow to publish the event and closes the editor).

As some Adopters might need the ability to chose a workflow for "Published", the button could be extended to have a drop down for the workflow selection itself. There should, however, be a default workflow so that a user can "just" press "Publish" to actually publish the event.




Sven Stauber