Opencast 4.x multiple server documentation


The multiple servers documentation for r/4.x refers to setting the org.opencastproject.file.repo.url in the file, however this doesn't exist within the file.
It does exist in org.opencastproject.organization-mh_default_org.cfg and this is correctly referred to later in the same documentation page.
I suspect the line in documentation for is supposed to refer to org.opencastproject.file.repo.path.

I'm unclear what the purpose of org.opencastproject.file.repo.path is, or rather, how it is different from the option that follows it org.opencastproject.workspace.rootdir, their descriptions appear to be fairly similar (or perhaps I have misunderstood this..I thought working files were only created/used during media processing?):


Also, org.opencastproject.file.repo.path is commented out in the file and there isn't a description of the default value but Opencast works without this option being set. Is it necessary that it is set and included in the documentation?


Greg Logan
October 2, 2019, 10:12 PM
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Paul Gration

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