Unregistering host doesn't remove it from the database so it still appears in the admin UI

Steps to reproduce

Steps to reproduce:
1. Use /services/unregisterhost API to unregister an inactive host

2. See log output that shows services associated with the host being unregistered and finally the confirmation that the host has been unregistered, e.g.

2018-06-12 17:28:46,638 | INFO | (ServiceRegistryJpaImpl:1438) - Unregistering Service org.opencastproject.waveform@https://server.example.com
2018-06-12 17:28:46,659 | INFO | (ServiceRegistryJpaImpl:1227) - Unregistering https://server.example.com
2018-06-12 17:28:46,660 | INFO | (ServiceRegistryJpaImpl:1229) - Host https://server.example.com unregistered

3. Admin UI still lists the 'unregistered' host in the servers list and the host still exists in the mh_host_registration table of the database.

Actual Results:
Host isn't deleted from the mh_host_registration database table

Expected Results:
Host is deleted from the mh_host_registration table and no longer appears in the admin UI server listing

Workaround (if any):
Manually delete the host row from the mh_host_registration table - it then disappears from the admin UI


Paul Gration
June 12, 2018, 5:09 PM

Can't edit the issues but this affects at least 4.3, probably earlier and later versions too

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Paul Gration


Incorrectly Functioning With Workaround

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