As service operator I want to distribute mediapackages to AWS S3 and publish to OAI-PMH


OAI-PMH is currently tied to Download Distribution Service (DDS) however when moving to the cloud I want to use services like AWS S3 to distribute the contents of media packages.

  • OAI-PMH should be able to use any implementation of the DistributionService

  • distribution type/channel should be configurable in the WOHs (with fallback/default of Download)

  • publication entries should record the distribution type/channel

  • OAI-PMH currently reads back MP elements via the workspace ie assumes DDS, so metadata can be provided "inlined. Either

    • DistributionServices implement a method to read back MP elements", or

    • Pass the "published" elements to the OAI-PMH persistence service


James Perrin
June 21, 2018, 12:22 PM

I've uploaded a proof of concept branch that rewires OAI-PMH to use AWS S3 and skips the persistence of published XML elements.

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James Perrin


James Perrin

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