Admin-UI Source Maps are not mapping to source, unable to debug deployed admin-ui

Steps to reproduce

Steps to reproduce:

1. Go to a 5.0 Opencst admin UI in any browser (i.e.
2. Open the developer tools for that browser, go to source/debugger area.
3. Navigate to a src/main/webapp/scripts javascript in the Sources navigator (i.e. a mapped source)

Actual Results: The source java is blank or returns login page HTML (see attached png "MissingMapSource")

Expected Results: The source javascript is displayed and break points can be set in it for debugging. (See attached png "SourceMapMapsToSource")

Workaround (if any): Modify the admin-ui/Gruntfile.js, replace uglify.options.sourceMap=true with uglify.options.sourceMap.includeSources=true, rebuild and redeploy the admin-ui jar.

uglify: {
options: {

  • sourceMap: true,
    + sourceMap: {
    + includeSources: true
    + },

The solution makes the source maps very big 1-2MB. However, the source maps are only retrieved by the browser in debugging/developer mode, so the primary javascripts stay small for the normal client.

A common scenerio for the need to debug in production is when an admin-UI issue that is not repeatable in a test environment and not exposed in the admin logs nor admin-ui console log.


Karen Dolan


Karen Dolan



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