As a user, I want to edit multiple scheduled events grouped by week days


Editing scheduled events turned out to be quite hard to implement. A first implementation (MH-12877) introduced the basics to do so but had problems when it came to the following real world use case:

Use case:
Editing all scheduled events for a lecture that takes place at two (or more) days per week.
Example: The lecture Mathematics takes place weekly on Mondays (10am-11am) and Thursdays (2pm-4pm).
The user has created all scheduled events.
Unfortunately, the following changes has been made to the lecture schedule on short notice: The lectures on Mondays take place in a different room and the lectures on Thursdays take place in the same room on Fridays (10am-12am).
The user is now asked to adapt the scheduled events.

To be able to address this use case, we changed the "edit" tab in Recordings->Events->Actions->Start Tasks->Edit scheduled events to display the editor per week day.

That allows a user to efficiently perform the use case mentioned above:

1. Filter the events for the series "Mathematics"
2. Select all events
3. Open Recordings->Events->Actions->Start Tasks->Edit scheduled events
4. Press "Next" (assuming that the user selects the correct events, that works - it won't, though, in general)
5. Now the user can edit week day, start time, end time and the location per weekday

So with this solution, it is practical to edit scheduled events for a given lecture (assuming they are in the same series) in one step.

This would not work if we would just let the user edit week day, start time, end time and the location for all selected scheduled events.

Note that this will look ugly when the user selects events that take place on seven different week days, but let's face it: That is not a real world use case (how would the user understand what he is doing?).


Sven Stauber
November 13, 2018, 9:50 AM

The corresponding pull request has been merged. I therefore resolve this issue as "Fixed and reviewed".

Fixed and reviewed


Sven Stauber


Sven Stauber