Cleanup of waveform operation handler creates problem with asynchronous NFS

Steps to reproduce

The cleanup after the execution of the waveform operation deletes the whole mediapackage folder with all subfolders and files from the workspace. This can create interesting side effects when using an asynchronous NFS:

The folder is deleted from the NFS by the admin node, but if the following operation (in this case it was an image operation) is executed from a worker node, it might still see the folder in the NFS long enough to decide that's everything is fine, only to fail when the output file is opened by ffmpeg a moment later because the directory the file is supposed to go into is now gone.

A (not quite satisfactory) solution would be to delete only the files created by this workflow operation and leave the folder structure for a final cleanup, like other workflow operation handlers do.


Katrin Ihler


Katrin Ihler



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