Improve usability of comments editor


The comments editor currently has a number of usability issues:

  • The placeholder text of the comment reason dropdown does not work but displays the default placeholder text "Select an option" (this is addressed by

  • The comment reason dropdown is not width enough to display the comment reason although there would be place of space (-> make it widther)

  • The comment reason is a mandatory option, but this is not indicated (-> Add text "Reason:*" to make this obvious. Ensure that the asterisk has the same color/style as in other places in the UI, e.g. Event Details)

  • If no comment is available, the UI just displays an empty white area (-> Add text "There are no comments" in this case)

  • The list provider default value is not respected (-> Add support for list provider default value)

  • If the user presses on "reply" and the on "delete" for a given comments, this yields in an inconsistent dialog (answering to a non-existing comment should not be possible

The same issues appear on those two places:

  • Events -> Events -> Event Details -> Comments

  • Events -> Events -> Video Editor -> Comments

In the video editor, there is an additional issue:

  • The comment tab content is too high when no comments are shown. (-> Align height to another fixed height tab to avoid tab height changes in common cases)




Sven Stauber

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