As a producer, I want to see who has submitted workflows


The Admin UI is currently missing to display an important piece of information: The name of the user that has started workflows. This information is important in support cases to understand which persons did start which workflows.

The goal of this story is to add this information at the following places:

  • Events->Events->Event Details->Workflows (just the name of user)

  • Events->Events->Event Details->Workflows->Details (more details about the user here)

This involves the following changes:

Events->Events->Event Details->Workflows

Make space on Events->Events->Event Details->Workflows

  • Remove column ID (Workflow ID is still available for admin-users in workflow details)

  • Remove column "without a name" that contain "Details" link, add icon for Workflow Details in column Actions

Add user information

  • Add column "Submitted By" (name of the user that submitted the workflow)

Optimize usability of table

  • Change name of column "Submitted" to "Submitted At"

  • Change name of column "Type" to "Title"

  • Change name of column "State" to "Status" (please don't distinguish between state and status in the front-end)

  • Change title of table from "Workflow instances" (what the ...?!?) to "Workflows"

  • Optimize order of columns (assuming western left-to-right reading)

Events->Events->Event Details->Workflows->Details

Add user information

  • Add field "Submitted By" that contains both the name of the user and the e-mail address of the user

Optimize usability

  • Field "Title" shall display the workflow title (it displayed the event title before)

  • Renamed field "Type" to "Title" (that is the workflow title)

  • Add field "Description" (workflow description) if a description is available

  • Rename field "State" to "Status" (avoid technical distinctions in user front-end)

  • Hide field ID for non-admin users (too technical, no added value, confusing) and rename to WIID (workflow instance ID)

  • Add field "WDID" (workflow definition ID) for admin users

  • Remove field "Started" (it is not working [1] and does not really add value as workflows are started as soon they are instantiated)

  • Add field "Execution time" as seems useful

Events->Events->Event Details->Workflows->Workflow Configuration

  • Only show to ROLE_ADMIN as this information requires detailed knowledge of workflow definitions and is therefore useless for any unprivileged user

Events->Events->Event Details->Workflows->More Information & Action

  • Renamed to "More information" as there are no actions



Stephen Marquard
March 8, 2019, 12:38 PM

Resolving because PR has been merged.

Sven Stauber
September 26, 2018, 8:46 AM

The column width of the first column of the table Workflow Details is sometimes very suboptimal (e.g. when the workflow have large descriptions). That could be improved by

Fixed and reviewed


Jonas Augsburger


Sven Stauber