External Elasticsearch


By default, Opencast runs its own, internal Elasticsearch node as
backend for the external API and the admin interface. While this makes
configuration and deployment a lot easier and works just fine even in
larger deployments, connecting to an external Elasticsearch instead
comes with some advantages as well:

  • Lightweight Opencast admin distribution

  • Being able to run Elasticsearch as a cluster

  • Service redundancy (e.g. multiple instances of the admin interface)

  • Service separation (e.g. external API on a separate node)

This patch allows to configure an external Elasticsearch. Doing so will
automatically stop Opencast from trying to spin up its own, internal
Elasticsearch node. The index structure is still created automatically
at the first connection if necessary. No need for any manual

*Note that this does not yet updates the Elasticsearch version. Hence,
the external node should still be Elasticsearch 1.7.6.*

Fixed and reviewed
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Lars Kiesow


Lars Kiesow