Automate Dependency Checking


This patch enables optional automated dependency checks on Opencast
modules. While Opencast rpovides a default configuration, modules still
need to opt-in by including the maven-depenency-plugin.

If this works, long term, we could at some point enforce dependency
checking globally to prevent depedency problems right from the start.

Note that the dependency plugin is not perfect and may complain about
pure runtime dependencies (e.g. it does not know that we may want to
attach a logger to our test and may complain about it being an
unnecessary dependency).

But the plugin allows making exceptions for such cases. This means that
developers can still declare any dependencies they like, but they are
forced to consider if they actually make sense since they need to
possibly whitelist them if they are not directly used.

This patch provides some example usages, including some whitelistings in
the implementation classes.

Fixed and reviewed


Lars Kiesow


Lars Kiesow

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