Sluggish Contributor listprovider response


The listprovider reponse time is very slow, lags, when the options in the lists are large.

Possibly consider reintroducing version 1x style metadata input helper to optionally create filter list on demand. 5x creates all metadata filter list options prior to use.

Example 1x style list on demand query for term 201901 series title "Introdu"
"http://<admin node>/series/series.json?seriesTitle=Introdu&fuzzyId=true&q=201901"
WARNING: 1x admin-ui used Series Service directly for series metadata.

Related ticket

In the meantime, group list from September recomends abandoning expensive listproviders:!topic/users/ixjyVDphLR4


Karen Dolan
January 5, 2019, 11:01 PM

This ticket is a duplicate of

The Admin-UI listprovider uses the DublinCoreXmlFormat which inits a SAXParserFactory and SAXParser. Those two classes are having load/init sluggishness. It's the same code as 1x-2x, which inits these two classes quickly. The parse() process on SAXParser once SAXParser is retrieved, remains fast. The class init/load problem appears to be related to Java8 bundling the SAXParserFactory natively and other OSGI bundles/modules are exporting SAXParserFactory. In ticket MH-12290, I attached log snippet that shows the SAXParserFactory init was fast until other bundles starting loading, and then, the init went sluggish.

Closing this ticket to post to updates to MH-12290.

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Karen Dolan