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Admin UI REST EndPoints throw large org.apache.cxf.interceptor.Fault stack traces



      The admin-ng EndPoints intentionally throw known/catchable/gracefullyhandlable Opencast Exceptions from its endpoints.
      It is more appropriate if the admin-ng catches and handles the known exceptions and retuned an HTTP style response, for example 404, to the client of the endpoint (i.e. admin-ui). This would avoid confusing stack traces in the logs.

      Example Scenario of the issue:
      A call to " /admin-ng/event/2c4ead62-1146-4ffc-9e5d-47721edc2a2c/scheduling.json" for a mpId that is recently scheduled from admin-ui but the Scheduler Service has not yet got the update (for reasons of slow activeMQ or overworked admin, etc.).

      The admin-ng scheduling.json queries the SchedulerService for data about this mpId. The Scheduler Service doesn't know about it yet, so the Scheduler Service throws a clearly declared and catchable NotFoundException which admin-ng intentionally passes along out it's REST endpoint.

      These are the known exceptions thrown by admin-ng scheduling.json
      throws NotFoundException, UnauthorizedException, SearchIndexException

      This non-HTTP reponse java exception from admin-ng is caught by org.apache.cxf.jaxrs.interceptor and handled and logged in a large stack dump to the Opencast logs.

      Example of Scheduler Service's own REST Endpoint handling of the Scheduler Service's NotFoundException

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