Remove unfinished feature "User Blacklisting"


The module admin UI contains quite some code that is related to a feature that has never been finished: User Blacklisting.

The idea seemed to be that black lists can be created for individual users that black list the user within a given time period including a reason for blacklisting and a comment.

The module admin UI contained to following code:

  • User blacklist table (username, date_from, date_to and reason)

  • User blacklist modal

  • User blacklist wizard ("Add user blacklist")

IMO, that seems quite a overkill. Or is there anybody that would be willing to manage all those blacklists if the feature was completed?

The KISS principle would reduce this to a new user status field ("active", "inactive") and the ability to set this status.

The goal of this task is to remove that unused code of a never finished feature that existed since Opencast 2.x in our code basis.

Fixed and reviewed
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Sven Stauber


Sven Stauber