Remove unfinished feature "Location Blacklisting"


Since Opencast 2.x, Opencast contains a feature named "Location Blacklisting" but its implementation was never finished.

Currently, the following code is in our code base:

  • Location Blacklist table (name, date from, date to, reason)

  • Location Blacklist modal to edit Location blacklists

  • Location Blacklist wizard to create blacklists

But the location blacklisting is also touching quite a lot of backend code.

IMO, the feature is somewhat questionable anyway as you probably would prefer to not have scheduled events for dates where a capture agent is not available rather than just excluding it from the calendar delivered to the agent
Example reasons like "Construction site" are also not that relevant as the lecture would then rather take place in another room instead of being omitted.

The goal of this task is to remove this unfinished feature (dead code) from the code base.

Fixed and reviewed
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Sven Stauber


Sven Stauber