Apache Log InfluxDB Adapter for HTTP access logs


introduces basic statistics visualization facilities into Opencast. In particular, a statistics provider implementation for InfluxDB 1.x time series is provided, i.e. Opencast can visualize InfluxDB time series data.

The Opencast InfluxDB Adapter is implemented as a standalone Java application that continuously parses the Apache log files HTTP access logs to gather data about the usage of assets (here: "Views" of video files) and feeds those info into InfluxDB.

The adapter optionally uses the External API to find out to which series a given event belongs so that view data can be aggregated on series level, too.

Currently implemented feature set:

  • Both single- and multi-tenant support

  • External API integration to retrieve additional metadata from Opencast (series)

  • Dynamic time window analysis of HTTP accesses to heuristically determine "number of views" (access to the same resource within a given time window don't count as multiple views)

  • Some filter options to ignore requests that should not be counted

Current limitations:

  • The adapter is implemented for a specific Apache log format. In theory, it could be generalised to support other log formats, web servers or even to a general line-based log analyzer. This is, however, not in the scope of this work.

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Sven Stauber