Single-step event deletion


Opencast currently is not particular user friendly when it comes to the deletion of published events by requiring the user to manually perform two steps:

1. Retract the publications of the event
2. Actually delete the event

The situation becomes even worse in case a user wants to delete multiple events:

1. Find the events to be deleted and select them in the events table
2. Go through a wizard that distinguishes between events with/without publications
3. Run "Delete/Retract" which directly deletes the events without publications and starts a retract workflow for events with publications
4. Wait until the Retract workflow for all events is finished
5. Partly repeat 1: Find the events to be deleted but have not yet been deleted and select them in the events table
6. Delete the events that have not yet been deleted.

The goal of this story is to properly implement event deletion in means of not requiring the user to perform two steps for published events and not showing some overcomplicated Delete Event Wizard to the user.

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Sven Stauber