Always allow user to hide/delete segment

Steps to reproduce

Steps to reproduce:
1. Open the video editor and create three segments
2. Hide the first and the last segment
3. Try to hide or remove the middle segment

Actual Results:
The buttons don't work.

Expected Results:
The middle segment should be hidden or removed.

The video editor deliberately tries to ensure that at no point of time all segments are hidden. Likely, the motivation is to ensure the user does not start a workflow on a 100% cutted video where nothing is left to be produced.
This behaviour seems very technically motivated and I doubt a user really understands why the buttons are not working (or greyed out). Also, it might absolutely make sense to temporarily have all segments hidden during editing.


  • The buttons always should do what they suggests

  • In case all segments are hidden, we need to inform the user that the video cannot be published (also: segments cannot be saved )

  • "Save" und "Save & Continue" need to be disabled when all segments are hidden.

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Sven Stauber


Usability Issue