Duplicate events don't get all parameters from the original events

Steps to reproduce

I've found that with the default workflows, if you duplicate an event, and then you try to publish this event, the new task doesn't get the same parameters as the original.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Ingest a new event and publish it

  2. duplicate the event

  3. In the original and the duplicate the event start a new task for each (Ex: republish an edited video)

  4. In the workflow instance, the duplicate event has fewer parameters than the original counterpart.

This causes, for example, that the task fails in the duplicated event because it doesn't have the variable to trigger the compose WoH. Also, there is a loss of data, the duplicated event lost the media assets.

The attached files show the same process triggered in the editor for the two events, the little one is from the duplicated event.




Maximiliano Lira Del Canto


Data Loss/Corruption

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