Fully Migrate Scheduled Events

Steps to reproduce

The 7.0 scheduler migration only migrated scheduled events which have
not been recorded yet, leaving the metadata of all other events lying
vacant in the asset manager properties store.

While this has no effect on recording and processing, it does mean that
this data is unavailable can cannot be used for filtering, etc. In
particular, this effects the external API where scheduling information
should be present:


"identifier": "1c009e2d-347f-4343-b356-3c07689c702f",
"scheduling": {
"agent_id": "pyca",
"start": "2019-06-28T08:08:00Z",
"end": "2019-06-28T08:09:00Z"

and the admin interface where you can filter events for capture agent
ids. Both will not work after the migration as those data have not been

Note that there is an additional bug in the admin interface filtering.

Fixed and reviewed
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Lars Kiesow


Lars Kiesow


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