Incorrect results when searching episodes based on series name parameter

Steps to reproduce

The rest endpoints for search ( ex. search/episodes.json ) and series work incorrectly when you have series with case sensitive names. We have the following situation when loading the search results when searching on the sname parameter :

  • sname parameter SB_kristof -> returns the correct search result

  • sname parameter SomeCaseSensitiveTitle -> error ( no series with given name )

Since the first series title also include upper case characters I found this to be strange inconsistent behaviour but when doing these queries directly on SOLR I found out that doing following queries yielded following results ( series SB_kristof exist ) :

  • dc_title:sb_kristof AND organization:mh_default_org --> OK

  • dc_title:SB_kristof AND organization:mh_default_org --> OK

  • dc_title:SB_krisTof AND organization:mh_default_org --> NOK

In the file modules/series-service-impl/src/main/java/org/opencastproject/series/endpoint/ I found out that all parameters get cast to lowercase. Is it expected to work this way with titles and other metadata that might include upper case and lower case characters?

Changing the code and removing the toLowercase for the seriesTitle resolves this issue for us, but might not be the best solution.

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