QA RC 1.1.10234: IE8/9: Review Media and Trim Hold State Test for Uploaded Videos


REMEMBER TO RESOLVE AS "PASSED QA" OR "FAILED QA" at end of test. If the test uncovers bugs, enter these bugs as separate issues and link them to this resolved test.

This Test include upload UI and Engage.
This test requires a media file.

Questions that should be answered by this test:

  • Is the preview video encoded?

  • Does the player play the video?

  • Does the media start processing after review?

  • Does the media reflect your designated trim points?

1) Go to the Upload UI
2) Enter Title, Presenter and Series
3) Choose the test file for upload
4) Choose Media File Content: Presenter
5) Check Trim/Edit Hold
6) Press Submit
7) Go to Hold Recording Filter and click on trim link for recording
8) Choose a new in point and out point
9) Increment in point by 5 seconds.
10) Decrement in point by 2 seconds.
11) Play to out point and play to in point.
12) Change the all of the metadata available in the edit screen. Confirm that Series autocomplete works properly.
13) Click Continue
14) After processing and distribution, go to Matterhorn Media Module and view video.
15) Confirm that a new series was created in the series UI and the edited metadata is correct.


Michelle Ziegmann



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