QA RC 1.1.10234: Capture agent base installation and test


REMEMBER TO RESOLVE AS "PASSED QA" OR "FAILED QA" at end of test. If the test uncovers bugs, enter these bugs as separate issues and link them to this resolved test.

This task documents the base level capture agent test procedures. Each capture agent test should be ammended to include these steps. Refer to the releases draft documentation for installation in the wiki. If this doesn't exist, use the trunk documentation.

1. Setup hardware. If hardware is not the reference implementation ( then provide a description of the hardware in test results. A description is best provided by including the details of what video capture device you are using, as well as your processor and memory info (e.g. "cat /proc/cpuinfo >> char.log; cat /proc/meminfo >> char.log").
2. Install base OS on capture agent hardware. If you are not using Ubuntu 10.10 64 bit then provide a description of your OS in test results.
3. Install capture agent code using instructions on wiki based on the version you are working on.
4. Document the configuration properties that you ran the tests with by including the file %FELIX_HOME%/services/
5. Run your test in debug mode by setting the appropriate values in %FELIX_HOME%/conf/services/


Adam McKenzie


Christopher Brooks

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