QA RC 1.1.10234: SAFARI: Capture Agent UI and Feedback


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Questions to consider:
Are the capture agent statuses correct?

Testing happy path status
1.Schedule a recording for capture using a real capture agent. (
2.Go to Capture Agent screen and confirm that the capture agent status changes from idle to capturing.
3.Go to Capturing Recordings filter. Confirm that the capture agent status changes as it is capturing, packaging, uploading.

Testing failed start and recovery
1.Schedule another recording for capture using a real capture agent. Assuming the capture agent polls for a new capture agent every 1m (ootb it is 5m but may be more frequent in QA env), schedule for a time shorter than the capture agent's pool time but long enough so the capture agent will eventually pick up the new schedule (10m). If it is only 1m poll times this may be difficult but not impossible. The capture agent should miss the start time since it didn't get the schedule in time. This means that it's status should be idle on the capture agent page, and the recording should have a warning on the upcoming page. Depending on the poll time, the recording should soon go into a capturing status.


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