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  1. MH-8272

FFMPEG gives error of 1 when trying to extract image files from VGA feed


    • Type: Task
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    • Affects versions: 1.2
    • Fix versions: 1.2.1
    • Components: Backend Software


      Sometimes, VGA video that is captured from the capture agent fails to segment. FFMPEG fails to extract segments in particular, here's a command that we have failing:

      ffmpeg -strict inofficial -y -i /data2/opencast/workspace/mediapackage/3c995799-7220-4d95-b1c1-14310a2e428a/af97fe33-8d91-4166-ab47-fd4022c8eece/vga.mpg -ss 2435 -r 1 -vframes 1 -f image2 -pix_fmt rgb24 /data2/opencast/workspace/mediapackage/3c995799-7220-4d95-b1c1-14310a2e428a/af97fe33-8d91-4166-ab47-fd4022c8eece/vga_2435_7aabe258-39c7-43ae-9fe6-5cd943b2788a.2435.jpeg

      This has happened with media from various capture agents, and does not seem deterministic. Once media has a problem, it is 100% reproducable with that media. The problem is with ffmpeg.

      Potential work around: change the default workflow to not fail on error. Then lectures should process, albeit not completely correctly since they won't be segmented sometimes. This is being tested on U of S test stack.

      Other workaround: reencoding the media to mkv (default settings) then reprocessing the media makes this problem go away (segmentation is successful).

      Open issue: Unclear whether newer ffmpeg solves this issue.

      Waiting on local team to make media available for further testing.

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