Series tab paging: Next link is enabled when it shouldn't be and displays an empty table

Steps to reproduce

Steps to reproduce:
1. Set number of series per page to 5.
2. In addition to the 10 ootb series, add 5 more so there is a total of 15
3. Use the Next link in the paging controls to page thru the pages.

Actual Results:
When on the third page (which should be the last) the Next link is enabled and when clicked, displays an empty table (see screenshot)

Expected Results:
Unable to get to an empty page.

Note that I'm also pretty sure that I saw this behavior prior to adding the extra 5. That is, when displaying 10 series per page, the Next button was enabled when there were exactly 10, and clicking it displayed an empty table.


Tobias Schiebeck


Judy Stern


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