Misleading Scheduler Service REST Documentation

Steps to reproduce

Steps to reproduce:
1. Go to Services Documentation -> Scheduler REST Endpoint Docs -> GET/conflicts.xml (or GET /conflicts.json)
2. Click open the Testing form, leave blank (or enter any parameters, except the combination of [device, start, end, duration, {rrule}])
(or [mh admin url]/recordings/conflicts.xml?device=test)
3. Receive Status: 400 (Bad Request) <- bad?
4. Enter data in all parameter fields
5. Receive Status: 500 (Internal Service Error) <- bad
6. Remove just the timzone rrule entry
7. Receive Status: 204 (No Content) < - good!

Matterhorn.log entry related to step above:
3. Matterhorn.log: WARN (SchedulerRestService:819) - Either device, start date, end date or duration were not specified <- ok
5. ERROR (SchedulerServiceImpl:883) - Could not create rule for finding conflicting events: null <- ok?
7. (No log event)

Actual Results:
1) The device, start, end, duration and rrule are required parameters
2) The timezone rrule causes havoc in Matterhorn

Expected Results:
1) The REST endpoint documentation should specify the required parameters
2) The timezone rule should return 400 Bad request if it's formatted badly, or it should be accepted (or ignored) by Matterhorn

Workaround (if any):
Send parameters (device, start time, stop time, duration, rrule) when making a /recordings/conflict.xml GET.


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