Workspace & working file repository storage metrics have incorrect labels or percentages in Admin UI > Metrics

Steps to reproduce

Steps to reproduce:
1. Browse to Admin UI
2. Select Metrics tag
3. Look at Workspace storage and Working File Repository Storage values by mousing over two lines in graph.
The graphs themselves are in percentages, but on mouse-over you can see exact percentages and GBs of remaining storage.

Actual Results:

In the attached screen shot, both graphs have the same values:
Used space: 19.8% 34.7491 GB
Total space: 80.2% 141.0043 GB

The label "Total Space" is not consistent with the 80.2%. Neither is the 80.2% consistent with the 141GB value (which is closer to the actual total space available on the machine.

Current actual filesystem values are shown in the blue terminal window.

Expected Results:

Would expect the percentages and the labels to be consistent with the filesystem values.
Workaround (if any):


Lukas Rohner




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