Scaling or loss of resolution problem in Job Statistics plot in Admin UI > Metrics > Matterhorn

Steps to reproduce

Steps to reproduce:
1. Browse to Admin UI
2. Click on Metrics tab, then Matterhorn sub-tab
3. Mouse over various lines in Job Statistics (2nd plot down)
There are issues with how this graph is plotted. See next section for details.

Actual Results:
The FinishedJobCount line seems to reflect the total number of jobs ever completed by the system,
where a "job" seems to be an operation within a workflow (e.g. segment-video). After making 2 successful recordings
in this build of the system, there are 184 finished jobs. However, the other lines in this plot (queued & running jobs)
reflect current counts - not cumulative counts. (Failed counts is not active on my system so I can't comment on this.)

The problem addressed by this bug is that the fact that the plot scale in the Y-dimension is determined by the max value
in the different counts - in this case Finished Jobs. As the number of finished jobs continues to grow over time, one will
get less and less information about running and queued jobs - where are actually more important in some cases.

Expected Results:
It seems like both types of information are valuable - the cumulative information such as finished job count, as well
as the instantaneous information such as running and queued jobs. Perhaps they should be in different graphs.

Workaround (if any):


Lukas Rohner




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