As a Matterhorn System Administrator I need to be able to consult the technical meaning of each configuration key from a central location


Currently keys in configuration files (e.g. have some limited amount of comments explaining them. There is no central location on the opencast wiki where a Matterhorn System Administrator could find detailed technical information about each key.
The problem with such limited information can be seen in the org.opencastproject.workspace.rootdir key from the which is explained with this single too limited sentence : "The path to the working files (recommend using fast, transient storage)"

Ideally each configuration file would have a dedicated page where each key is explained, with subpages when there are more than N keys to document. Each configuration file would reference in its comments its documentation page on the wiki. Also each key documentation would contain references to other pages that are documenting Matterhorn at higher level but that relates to the key. For instance in the wiki page about, the org.opencastproject.workspace.rootdir key would have its own subpage with a technical definition and with links to


Jaime Gago
June 11, 2013, 9:58 AM

A proposed squeleton and templating was started here (with subpages)




Jaime Gago



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