Admin UI Scheduler creates duplicate series when more than 20 series exist

Steps to reproduce

Steps to reproduce:
1. Create a lot of series in Matterhorn
2. Schedule a recording, and select a series from the drop down that was created after the first 20 series. The drop down queries for 50 titles, so a max of 50 series should show up in the list.
3. On submit, a non-count param'ed series query is made that truncates the results to 20 series (SeriesRestService.DEFAULT_LIMIT). If the selected series title is not found amount the 20 results, a new series is created from the selected title.

Actual Results: New series is associated to the recording, but an existing series was desired. Lots of new series with the same title but different id.

Expected Results: The recording is associated to the desired series, not a new one.

Workaround (if any):
Modify the page to preserve the series Id when a series is selected from the dropdown. Check if the series id was preserved before doing a "checkForExistingSeries" during schedule submit. Alternatively, use the same count param in both series queries so that the same subset of series are used in the dropdown selection and the check to see if the user selected from the dropdown selection.


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