Inconsistent UI: Upcoming Recording - bulk actions


When a user schedules an event, they can go to the sub tab, "Upcoming" and click a link "Bulk Action". The UI on this entire page is not consistent with other areas of the application:

1. "Bulk Action" is simply a link on the page and does not appear to match the style of any other buttons within the application. It should share a common design element with other buttons in the applications. (see potential options in attached shots)

2. There is no selection box next to each recording in a column (see Archives tab for example) The selection box only appears after the action has been selected which is inconsistent with other areas of the application. (see ) User interaction typically would be:

a. select recording(s) to run action against
b. select action to run against recording
c. apply action

3. The drop down requires an informational icon next to it (e.g. question mark) that when rolled over a pop-up appears and provides a description of what these actions are and a link to a MH wiki page with complete documentation

4. When an action is selected (e.g. Edit Metadata) a pop-up window appears, within the pop-up window the user should be presented with documentation that explicitly describes what will happen if they choose this action and a link to complete documentation in wiki. Currently when I select "Edit Metadata" there is no description and the user has no understanding of what action they are taking.

5. Inconsistent labeling - the pull down is labeled as "Select Action" but other pull downs in the application are not labeled as such. (see ) IMHO, the label should be placed outside of the pull down, eg:

Actions: [[pull down]] Apply

6. Button naming does not follow conventions that are prevalent throughout application, for example, "Cancel Bulk Action" should simply be labeled as "Cancel"





Andy Wasklewicz



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