Blog from January, 2011



UCOSP (3 mins)
Gstreamer H264 update (5-10 mins)
Nejc to the rescue?  (1m)
Performance testing (5 min)
1.0.1 Release

UCOSP (Chris)
Student program, 4 students to dive into Matterhorn, 13 (?) weeks, will join the meetings

Gstreamer H264 update (Chris)
Chris tested upgrades with increased framerates, CPU load looking good for a H.264 encoding (for 1.1?)

Nejc to the rescue
Nejc almost done with GStreamer, should finish this first, then join Tobiosh for the plethora of bugs/issues they

Performance testing
Technical details to be discussed with Chris and Ruediger

1.0.1 Release
Adam to make anouncement today or tomorrow