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Release Blockers: plus MH-5749

MH-6703 Won't fix.  One time operation by a sys admin
MH-6698  Related tasks and close as dupe
Bug     MH-6697 JVM higher mem allcoation
MH-6676 confirm fix
MH-6671 finalize approach  Critical?  Maybe MM can take a look

MH-6617 close

Rudiger suggesting encoding profiles MH-6561  may not be proper fix

MH-6455 Armin was supposed to get to it.  did it on standard but not ETH

MH-6328 move to 1.2 and adam needs to enter edit recording issue bug

MH-6242 configuration issue??  reassign to R to confirm

MH-6135  difficult bc Josh couldn't but Adam did  (coordinate tmrw in meeting)

MH-6105 MH-6104 Delete

MH-5906 follow up with Matjaz

Bug     MH-5749 reassign to Rudifer tofix or B

MH-6732 Videosegmentation fails when running matterhorn on Windows  FOLLOWUP WITH RUBEN!!!

DELETE needs to be more thorough.  "Ignore"  or "Hide"

MH-6728 Talk to Nejc Ruben Markus M in Thursday's meeting

MH-6702  run profiles separately should fix issue  : DOCS

MH-6555 : DUPE?

MH-6646 : Markus M reassign and confirm

MH-6659 1.2 ??

Tobias bumped down download media package
followup with Clemens on hist reply