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This is one of three places containing documentation for Opencast Matterhorn:


Matterhorn Release Documentation

Matterhorn Adopter Guides

Matterhorn Development Wiki

The Matterhorn Release Documentation are the official Matterhorn documentation for each release.

They contain: 

  • Installation Guides
  • Configuration Guides

Split into guides for:

  • Core System
  • Capture Agent
  • Engage Server

The Matterhorn Adopter Guides contain advanced documentation of Matterhorn, including documentation about devices and tools provided by other people, …

They contain:

  • Hardware Recommendations
  • Capture Agents Hardware
  • Guides for Distributed Setup
  • The Gear Shop (List of Third Party Tools)

The Matterhorn Development Wiki contains information for active developers and those who want to become involved in Matterhorn development.

The wiki contains:

  • Project Coordination
  • Development Guides
  • Matterhorn Road Map
  • Future Release Docs




Release 1.4

Opencast Matterhorn 1.4 is now available!

Other sites you may want to visit if you are just learning about Matterhorn:

  • The Matterhorn Documentation wiki contains official release documentation and installation and configuration details.
  • The Opencast Matterhorn site contains descriptions and video demos of Matterhorn features, news, and commercial services.
  • The Opencast Community site houses information about institutions who are using Matterhorn, project governance, and other articles and news of interest to the community.

This wiki space is used for the ongoing planning, design and development of Opencast Matterhorn.

"Need help? Do you want to help others?"

Matterhorn has an active community willing to help in case you get stuck.  If you need an immediate answer, try Matterhorn's irc channel "#opencast". If your question isn't easy to solve or the right people aren't present on irc, you should send your question to list.  The matterhorn list has a large pool of developers who can answer your questions at their earliest convenience. As you learn about Matterhorn, we hope that you will pass your knowledge to others as they install and use Matterhorn.  [More info on Matterhorn's communication channels ]