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  • Personal Lecture Capture with Big Blue Button

This is archived, historical information. Please see for current information.

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Overview: Integrate BigBlueButton as a desktop lecture capture solution for Matterhorn.

The goal of this project is to leverage BigBlueButton to provide Matterhorn with a software-based solution for lecture capture.

The outcome of this project will be a production ready prototype (Phase I) that will impelement the specs below to enable a university using Matterhorn to trial the integrated desktop catpure using BigBlueButton.

The qualifier “prototype” reflects that the first integration will likely include some manual steps to install and configure the integration, and the feedback from initial trials will likely highlight areas for further integration before widespread deployment; nevertheless, the goal is to have a working prototype that an instructor could use to capture their lecture into Matterhorn with no extra hardware.

The start date for the project is January 24, 2011.

The end date is March 31, 2011.

The prototype will impelement the following capabilities in BigBlueButton for the integration:

Before recording:

Before recording:

  • Create "pre-flight check" screen for audio, video, and deskshare – ensuring that all the capabilities are enabled an the connections to the server are available and ready to go
    • This will likely be integrated into BigBlueButon; we’ll minimize the current BigBlueButton windows (users, listeners, presentation, and chat).
    • The instructor will see the clecklist and it’s controls centered in the window.
  • Make optional the ability to capture the webcam (audio and desktop capture are automatic)

During recording:

During recording:

  • Extend the current interface of BigBlueButton to stop/pause/end the recording
  • Create video recorder component on the BigBlueButton server that
    • Records the user’s video as a FLV stream
    • Records the user’s desktop as a FLV stream
    • Record the audio portion of the session
  • Asterisk and FreeSWITCH will store the audio as WAV files

After recording:

After recording:

  • Create a Metadata Webpage where professor inputs metadata to trigger ingestions
    • Need to determine any validation necessary on the title, series, or Instructor

After submission:

  • Process the recorded raw video and audio files convert them into a Matterhorn compatible format (mp4 part10 and mp3)
  • Ingest the ZIP file into Matterhorn

Additional Features (may not be available in the prototype)

  • Review the recording before submission to Matterhorn 
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