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New Features


Configuration Changes

New Properties

  • The path for SoX command line used by audio normalization can be configured using org.opencastproject.sox.path=/usr/local/bin/sox
  • For the streaming of FLV files the syntax URL of some streaming servers has changed (AMS, Wowza) and some remained on the old syntax. You can set the compatibility mode for the old streaming URL syntax with org.opencastproject.streaming.flvcompatibility=true
  • A new Hunspell based dictonary service is available. You will have to set the path to the Hunspell binaries with org.opencastproject.dictionary.hunspell.binary=/usr/bin/hunspell
  • Hunspell can be configured with org.opencastproject.dictionary.hunspell.command

Encoding profiles

  • There are two new profiles for the SoX audio normalization sox-audio-only and sox-audio-replace
  • A new encoding profile "editor" for the videoeditor  has been added.

Other configuration files

  • etc/services/
  • etc/services/
  • etc/services/
  • etc/services/

Workflow Definitions

  • New testing workflows added:
    • fast.xml
    • minimal.xml
  • New workflow incident.xml added


Configuration Properties Changes

  • Tracking of new Matterhorn installations is now disabled by default as is commented out

Properties files in etc/encoding/

  • The composite profile has been updated.

  • The concat profile has been updated.

Workflow Definitions

  • compose-distribute-publish.xml:
    • Trim removed
    • Videoeditor added
    • Waveform generation added
    • Silence detection added


Database Changes

  • As part of the ACL management the database structure has been modified. An update script from 1.5 is available in the folder docs/upgrade/1.5_to_1.6

  • As part of the Workflow cleanup the database structure has been extended with a table. An update script from 1.5 is available in the folder docs/upgrade/1.5_to_1.6


REST API Changes

  • New REST Endpoints were added:
    • Incident
    • No Operation
    • Silence detection
    • SMIL
    • SoX
    • Videoeditor
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