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Difficulty: Easy - Medium
Knowledge Requirements: Adobe Flash/Flex, Javascript, HTML
Potential Mentors: rrolf

Big Blue Button (BBB) already integrates with Matterhorn for the recording of web-meetings. For many scenarios it would be great to have an even simpler version of this, where only the lecturer and his presentation will be recorded. This should be done without any additional hardware needed (except a mic and a webcam), and it would be great if not even software would need to be installed on the lecturers machine. So with some modifications to the BBB setup or a new module for Red5 such a remote capture system could be created.

Draw Markup on Video

Difficulty: Medium
Knowledge Requirements: Javascript, HTML
Potential Mentors: rrolf

Matterhorns own Engage Player is currently enhanced with an comment feature. This cufeature is currently text based. It would be a very valuable improvement to place an HTML5 canvas over the video(s) that allows the user to draw annotations on the video.


Title: Gstreamer-based video composition service
Difficulty: Hard
Knowledge Requirements: C, Java, gstreamer framework
Potential Mentors: