Welcome to the LectureSight project!

This site is dedicated to research and development around an open source camera tracking solution for use in the classroom (and beyond...). The software is being developed under the umbrella of the Opencast Community and in accordance with the Opencast code conventions.

This demo video shows the current state of development.

 Reference documentation is now available at docs.lecturesight.org.

This Wiki is organized into three main sections that mirror the main topics we take on in this project.

  • Research - This section is devoted to the academic aspects of the project. Here you can find, publications, thoughts and links around the research on this project and computer vision in general. 
  • Development - This section holds all the development documentation of the project. It is the central place where developers can find information needed to develop modules for LectureSight.
  • Operation - This section holds tutorials on how to operate LectureSight and detailed manuals for each module of the system. This is the place where users should go to get started.